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Book 3 in the popular Samantha Bell Mystery Series

★ "Great author! It’s 108* here today so I’m conserving energy by reading. Just about to start 4th book of Jeremy’s now. A new author for me. I love a good mystery and am certainly enjoying his books. Try them - I think you will too!" - MSE

★ "This is a new author to me. I am seriously enjoying this series of books. Well written and just enough mystery for readers to never want stop reading." - Jane

★ "This story was exciting and I didn't guess the plot until more than half way through. It took the last few chapters to identify the real villain. Well done Jeremy Waldron, keep up the good work!" - Linda

The Blurb:

A gripping medical mystery thriller that will have your heart racing until the very end.

When a desperate mother comes asking for help in finding her missing daughter, investigative reporter, Samantha Bell, can’t say no. But the timing couldn’t be worse. The Colorado Times is failing and the district attorney’s office knows it. Court cases are being suppressed, leaving Samantha completely in the dark, and when Detective Alex King is called to work an apparent murder-suicide of a wealthy couple in Congress Park, Samantha is the first to recognize that the cases might be linked.

When a case of missing persons turns deadly, Samantha Bell and her three crime-solving friends are stunned to discover the killer might not only be after blood, but also the babies each of the missing women were carrying.

Knowing time is running out, Samantha dives head-first into her investigation with hopes of finding the missing girl alive. Soon, she learns there wasn’t one girl missing, but three, and shockingly, they were all of similar age and each about to give birth. But when one of the three women turns up dead, the investigation becomes less about who is killing the women, and more about who wants to take only their babies.

A gruesome break in the case leads Samantha Bell to a killer twist at the end which delivers a sharp punch.

Not afraid to step on toes, Samantha is only after one thing; save the last remaining woman before she, too, ends up dead. But when the police name a suspect, Samantha is sure they have it all wrong. Determined to travel down this rabbit hole of conspiracy and murder alone, Samantha knows there is no turning back when she is forced to make the toughest decision of her career. In order to solve this case, she’ll have to publicly team up with the same man the police just named as their primary suspect.

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